Our Pastor

Jason Gear and his family moved to the Detroit Metro area in January of 2009 to become the Pastor of Grace Baptist Church.  Jason, originally from Northeast Ohio met his future wife Christine, who was from New York, when he was 14 years old.  They met each other while playing the piano at church camp together.  Their long distance friendship continued through high school and they both attended Pensacola Christian College in Florida.  Following graduation, Jason and Christine were married and then returned to Northeast Ohio where Jason served as an Assistant Pastor for 12 years.  

Pastor Gear has a passion to help people in their spiritual walk with the Lord.  Many people comment that he is very approachable, and he is always ready to give encouragement or to help those in need.  Pastor Gear brings messages each week that are Biblical and applicable to daily living.  Pastor and Christine have been married for 23 years and they have 5 children: Caleb, Lydia, Luke, Jadon & Julia.